WordPress Travel Website

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Fully Automated Travel Website

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WordPress Travel Website Benefits

Low startup cost.

Modern design website.

Travel is a hot and evergreen niche.

The potential to make over $200 per day in pure profit.

Fully automated and no expereinced is required.

Make An Unlimited Income

Attracting 100 visitors a day to your website could make you up to $200 a day!

All commission is paid direct to your bank or PayPal account.

How The Website Makes You Money

You send visitors who have an interest in travel to your website.

Your visitors search for the best hotels, flights or car rentals options required for their travel.

Your visitors click on search results and are taken to the partner's websites to complete the booking.

You earn commission for leads (click offs to the booking sites) generated by your visitors.

The website can also earn you money from Google AdSense and other travel related banner links.

Visitors DON’T have to book a room for you get paid the commission!

The average visitor will generate up to $0.50 - $2.00 per visit from multiple clicks on different hotels.

The more targeted visitors you send to your site, the more money you'll make!

Newbie Friendly

No website development is necessary.

No technical skills are required.

No selling required - Visitors don't have to even book a hotel for you to get paid.

Easy tracking and reporting for all your bookings.

Minimal time required in running your new online business.

No Maintenance Required

All website content is updated daily by the travel companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Travel Site?
WP Travel Site is a complete ready to use website script that lets you run your own hotel, flight and car-rental search service.

What you need for this script?
●    A domain name
●    Linux hosting support PHP and MySQL Server
●    Hosting Space: Min 500 MB

Do I need any special technical skills to install this software?
Installation just takes few minutes. We include simple installation video that make it easy to get up and running quickly.

What if I need help getting this setup or need support?
Although we include installation video, if you get stuck, simply send our support team an email, and we’re here to help.

What about software updates?
They’re included at no charge for life… and the best part is this website will update itself automatically

How do I earn the commission?
Affiliates earn commission on a "per-lead" basis. Leads are counted when the visitors you refer search for hotels on your websites and they then select and click those results which are redirected to one of the travel providers (e.g. Expedia.com, Booking.com, Hotels.com and so on).

How much can I earn?
The exact value of each lead depends on the ability of your users to generate revenue for the suppliers. So the higher the quality of your visitors, the more commissions you earn per lead.

Will I get paid for visitors or bookings?
You get paid per leads, not visitors or bookings. A lead is a click off to one of the hotel booking supplier websites that we compare. Your commission per lead depends on a number of important factors, but primarily the quality of your traffic and the conversions of your users to bookings.

Are the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?
Yes, all travel affiliate programs are 100% free to sign up and it only take a few minutes to access your accounts.